Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Home

This post is purely selfish. I've shared a few times that I copy and paste my blog into my journal. This post is to document the first place Mark and I called home together. It is beautiful and we've loved it here. We would stay if we could. Mark's mom actually owns this beautiful condo in Old Farm and she and her husband (not Mark's dad - Mark's dad passed away many years ago from skin cancer that matastized sp?)...anyway, Betty and Norm want to move back in. The timing is a little challenging for us...everything happened so quickly. Life is full of surprises! I guess our job is to smile through them. The real point of this post is to document our lovely veiws...for posterity...hmmmmmm, now that could prove to be interesting...

Our Front Patio and Window

Our Front Door (didn't notice the reflection until now - funny!)

View from outside the fence

This leads along the front of where we live

Another view... from the bridge

The Bridge (west bridge)

The stream complete with ducks...

Looking down from the road across from our little place

The outdoor pool view as we drive out of our driveway every morning!

The path we take Sofee on that leads to the East Bridge

Another section of the complex along the path...complete with American flag!YES!

Sofee usually bypasses the steps but they are quaint...

Blossoms this spring! They were everywhere!

The stream as it meanders aroung the complex...

More ducks enjoying the world

The East Bridge

Beautiful flowers everywhere!

More spring splendor!

Our Living Room...the picture of the Savior is the first thing Mark and I purchased together!

Thanks for humoring me if you made this far... my regrets to any who will be disappointed that there will be a "round 2"... there is another section of the complex I didn't get to yet...
Love to all!


Terri French said...

It is a beautiful place. But, wherever you live will be beautiful because the Spirit will be there. I'm sorry you are having a rough go of things right now. I've been thinking about you a lot. I will pray that things will turn around for you soon. I know that Ronda is very happy to help you out for a while. You two have got to be the best example of what true friendship is that I have ever seen.


B and B said...

This is so pretty! No wonder you loved it. Although this is purely selfish, I'm happy to have you back here. We love you, Mom #(I don't even know what number!) :)