Saturday, April 9, 2011

Success...One "Tasteless" Day at a Time!

The outcome of our doctor visit is that Mark and I both have allergies to dairy and gluten with a few other things thrown in there... the irony of the whole thing and the bee in my husband's cap is that his labs were more serious than mine... he was not amused to say the least! He was so sure that he was the pillar of health with a few "tiny" things to work on. Needless to say, I have been amused and not really gloating about it but definitely smiling.

Mark is amazing! He has been following doctor's orders perfectly. He's running again, and avoiding all the no-no foods. What a great example. I, on the other hand, have improved my eating but not to the degree he has...and exercise?...UGH... I think it is the longest 4-letter word in the dictionary! I'm working on it though! Sigh! So.... the reason for the title of this post? Have you ever tried gluten-free food? It is basically tasteless! Bless Mark's heart... we were grocery shopping the other day and after we got the fresh produce he said, "We just need to make one more stop in the taste-free aisle." I had to laugh! It really is pretty tasteless.... and EXPENSIVE!!! Oh my is it expensive! A loaf of gluten free bread is half the size of a regular loaf and costs $5.99! Definitely more than it's worth! I'm trying to figure out how to learn to cook gluten/dairy-free meals that actually taste good! An interesting change in our lives... lots of salads, lots of fruit smoothies, lots of pining for the good old days... but worth the effort to be feeling better!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mission Impossible...Almost!!!

Getting my husband to the doctor has been quite the fete. I can't think of a photo that would do justice to the amusement it's been trying to convince him he needs a little medical attention! Nothing serious... just a thorough check-up. He thinks he's invincible and while he does have a very strong constitution and brags about it, it's been more than 5 years. He's really trying avoid the colonoscopy thing... Anyway...we found a doctor that may be able to help! Yea Sara... and Ronda... for encouraging and finding the right person. We both had blood drawn last week for several tests... this doctor comes highly recommended and even has several celebrity patients... sorry Dr. Porter that Mark and I are the country bumpkins of your practice... but just you wait and see what we look like when we feel better.... to be continued!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's Been a While...

Since moving I check email a couple of times a week if I'm lucky and rarely have time to read all the blogs I love. I miss you all just so you know. .... In addition to Mark being the ward mission leader and I as his ward missionary companion, we were also asked to be the committee chairs over activities and music for Trek this summer and I teach Relief Society... oh... and Mark is a Temple worker on Friday mornings. He gets up before 4, is there by 5, works until 11:30, has time to come home and eat and occasionally a quick nap before he's at work at 1. Sometimes I want to cry at how hard he works and yet the blessings of his Temple service are palpabale... what a gift, and true to the Lord's way, it ends up being no sacrifice at all.