Friday, March 6, 2015

Learning New Things

I've spent the last few days watching and listening to uplifting messages. One of those messages was a webinar, a "how-to" for something I've been wanting to learn... Better Blogging! Funny how I've always used this blog more as a journal and even declared that several times. I could have had years of experience under my belt if I'd been a little more diligent and seen the potential for influence. I suppose there is a time. and a season for all things. A while back, in our earliest Facebook days, the simple profile had a question about goals or life philosophy or something along those lines. For several years it read, "We want to change the world and we are just crazy enough to believe we can!" I took that down for a while... it's still not on the page but the flame of belief and an idea are now reignited in my soul! That's the surprise! More to come...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Closing One Door and Getting My Feet Wet ... Again

I've basically been out of the "blogging" scene for nearly four years and maybe even longer if you count the infrequent posts prior to stopping altogether. A lot has happened in that time. We moved a couple of times. Mark's employment changed and he is commuting further to work now but he enjoys his opportunity to make a big difference in a growing company and the people he works with. It is rewarding for him and pleasing to me. I LOVE it when my husband is happy. He's always in a good mood, I just love to know he's enjoying the work he does all day long that provides for our family! Perhaps most notably, for health reasons, I retired from the public school system. There are other reasons I'm glad I'm no longer teaching but none of them were as important to us as my health. 
No, I'm not sick with anything. I'm just a little worn for the wear.
Closing the "Teacher" Door

Every school year I got nearly everything that came along, (working on eliminating those limiting beliefs). Twice I fell and injured first one knee and then the other which caused an obvious  increase in my weight and size (that's putting it nicely) which didn't help the knee all. I lost a little energy every year and even though I worked hard over the summer to gain it back, for some reason I didn't ever quite get back as much as I gave to my work during the year. Many would call it "aging" but I've got a plan. A youthful plan. You'll see!

After living through influenza the prior Christmas holiday break (the doctor told me it was actually the h1n1 version) and suffering neck and back problems from the resulting cough, (threw my neck out and suffered with the most debilitating migraines until the chiropractor got it all lined up again) my sweet husband told me he really thought my life expectancy was being threatened one year at a time. After examining our finances, and praying of course, on June 4, 2014 I walked out of my classroom and school and the only thing I've missed is that "a-ha" light going on in kids' heads accompanied by that "from-ear-to-ear" victory grin!

Old Farm Road - I Love Where I Live!
Today, I'm writing a short post just to get my feet wet again and to experiment with some of the new features that now exist to make my "blog-life" easier... once I understand them, that is! Obviously, I'm not a technology "quick-study" and definitely not a technology native. I do intend to be a real guru before long though!

My husband has missed the blogging most! My intent was really more of a journal where I could add some beautiful pictures and my musings. I would copy and paste it all into a document and wallah... a journal! He LOVED that and felt like it was an important record of our family! Here's for you honey!

Well then, I suppose my feet are damp enough today, figuratively here in this post and literally from this little winter beauty that blew in suddenly this morning! I'll check out a few more things each day for a while and then I have a surprise...!