Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry-Merry, Happy-Happy and I LOVE Spring!

We had a lovely Christmas and we are planning on a Happy New Year! The children were here on Christmas Eve and we had a wonderful time. We had fondue, (thanks to Terri Davis and all the necessary pots and forks,) and it was a big hit with the children. They asked if we'd be willing to do something early in the day as they wanted to go to a movie in the early evening. Of course we did. I wasn't really excited about it but it turned out very nice. Jill sent a text that read, "Best Christmas ever with you two." Maybe they are finally getting used to their dad's wife. Christmas Day was say the least. All our guests, except one, cancelled on us. Mark's mother is the only one who came to dinner... Turns out it was a blessing as we learned some interesting details about what's been happening for her... sad details but details a son needs to know in order to take care of his mother. As this year draws to a close we are looking forward to a new one and fresh starts... I suppose if the truth be known, which is testimony to some of us, because of the atonement which is symbolized by the sacred emblems of the Sacrament at the Supper of the Lord each Sunday, every week is a fresh start! Whew! I love to feel clean! I suppose that's also why I love Spring so much too... a fresh, beautiful, new beginning! Not that it's even close. In fact, the first official day of winter was only a week ago. I guess that just means it's always Spring in my heart! Our love to all! We are so grateful for the light and love you shine into our lives!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Almost Christmas Break....Ahhhhhh!

The students have actually been quite well behaved as the days before Christmas count down. I often wonder what I was really like at their age... I'm sure my memory remembers me more perfect than I actually was... oh my! The two photos are little crafts one of the other 5th grade teachers helped them do... I do the music, she does the art....which really works for me. Because I'm in a portable, I have to find creative ways of displaying their creations... Here's to the construction paper Pointsettias and the colored lamps made with Karo Syrup and food coloring! Luckily the teacher had learned over the years how to minimize the sticky mess and the kids loved licking their fingers. It was not recommended but after one person did the rest followed! Oh those days adventurous days of childhood!