Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dear Diary

It's obviously been quite a while since I've done anything on this page. And I'm basically just testing to see if I even know how to still navigate this site. Mark wants us to use our blog as our journal and said he would be more likely to hone his photography skills, a hobby he had in college, ignored for a few decades and decided to begin again, if his efforts were contributing to the family journal. So... it seems that this particular blog is no longer viewed or read since in the beginning when I began blogging it was with family and friends who also began but have since moved on to fancier blogs and/or technology apps. That actually makes this perfect for a journal. Maybe what I really need to do is find an app with colors and features that make it easy to add photos. Hmmmmm. The dilemma! Maybe I'll throw it on Facebook and ask for opinions! So much for this little musing on a Tuesday afternoon!