Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gifts from Heaven...

My father's cousin recently sent me an email and asked me to phone him. When I called, he asked if he and his wife Mary could come by. They brought us a book and a music cd by Kim Rives. Both Mark and I were touched by the story, so much so that we invited many friends and family into our home to hear her share her message. The caption on the back of the book reads, "Kim Rives died of cancer. Heaven sent her back with a message." Her experiences have helped me feel and respond differently to our challenges. Her spirit is kind and gentle and powerful. Kim self-published her book so it is not available in stores. I am sharing information here so you can get a copy for yourself. It is truly worth the cost and the time to read it.

I've read several books of people who've had near death experiences. One of those was the one by Lance Richardson. I learned about that book from Terri and Brenda several years ago. I've also read others and honestly, each one touched my heart and helped broaden my understanding. I am especially touched by this book, more so than by the others, because of the way she helps me understand the Savior even better. I have been in awe of Him and his atonement for years. I am even more in awe even to the point of beginning to understand the phrase, sore amazed. What a blessing it is to have a testimony of Him. I am more grateful than words can express.

I am including links to her webpage where you can buy the book and also to a video clip that will help you feel the beautiful spirit and testimony she shares.

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